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The RTVue Premier was the first FDA-cleared Spectral-Domain OCT launched in the United States, and it is also the first OCT cleared by the FDA for both corneal and retinal imaging. This machine is a vital part of an up to date eye clinic. The machine will allow optometrist to take and analyse images of the eye that can help to detect and diagnose diseases and afflictions.

3-D Optic Disc Topography vs. Tomography

When applying the technology to glaucoma, the HRT takes data from a 3-D stack of tomographic images of the optic nerve and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL), aligns the images and computes a 3-D topographic map of the surface of the retina. This 3-D topographic map is analyzed for signs of glaucomatous damage and the results are displayed on either a single eye examination report or on an OU examination report.

RTVue  Benefits

  1. High speed scanning: more than 65 times faster than previous technology
  2. Two imaging modes (switch with one click selection)
  3. Vitreoretina mode: places the signal strength in the retina and imaging the vitreous above the ILM
  4. Chorioretina Mode: Deep Choroid Imaging (DCI) puts the strongest signal deep in the choroid and sclera area of the image and has been a standard part of the system since launch in 2006
  5. Real-Time Eye Tracking: The Vtrac option offers 30 frames per second tracking of the visible ocular structures while scanning.
  6. Anterior & Cornea Imaging: 6mm Pachymetry map, Angle measurement, high resolution B-scanning of anterior segment structures and Total Cornea Power (TCP) option. (International version also offers Epithelium Thickness Mapping option)
  7. High Resolution: 5µm native (3µm digital)
  8. Scan Depth: up to 3mm scan depth for visualizing the choroid and the vitreous in a single, detailed B-scan.
  9. Normative Database (NDB): reference for measurement to more than 600 eyes (100+ eyes for international version.)
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