Benefits of Chemical Peels


A chemical peel is one of the most popular and well-known types of esthetic treatment. Chemical peels are known for specifically targeting the skin on the face and neck with the aim of removing all dead, damaged, and discolored skin cells and encouraging the production of fresh, new, and more youthful-looking skin with their combination of tried and tested ingredients. However, more recently an increasing number of cosmetic and esthetic clinics are now also utilizing the chemical peel process on the backs of the hands and wrists to produce an anti-aging effect here too. 


Chemical peels do not require any incisions to be made into the skin, but depending on the type of peel you choose, you may require some local anesthetic to keep you comfortable for the procedure. This is because some types of peel penetrate deeper layers of the skin to produce more significant results, and this can cause some mild discomfort. 


Types of Chemical Peel


There are a wide variety of different chemical peels available, but these are typically divided into three different ‘depths’ based on how deeply they penetrate the skin. 


Superficial chemical peels. This is the lightest type of peel and removes only the epidermis, which is the very outer layer of skin. The peel doesn’t cause any discomfort when it is applied and is usually only left on the skin for a few minutes before it is removed. Afterward, your skin may feel a little tight and pink for a few hours. 


Medium-depth chemical peels. This type of peel targets the top and middle layers of the skin and is left on for a little longer so that it can penetrate the skin more deeply. During this time, you may notice some tingling, warmth, and other sensations that may be very slightly uncomfortable. Your skin is likely to be redder than usual and will feel quite tight and sore. This could last for several weeks. 

Deep chemical peel. This type of chemical peel requires anesthesia and some patients even opt for sedation. You will also have your heart rate and blood pressure monitored for the duration of the peel to make sure that you don’t experience an adverse reaction to this procedure. All layers of the skin are affected, but the anesthetic should keep you comfortable while this peel works. Swelling, soreness, and redness could persist for up to 3 months following your treatment.


Benefits of Chemical Peels


A chemical peel can offer patients a variety of different benefits that will transform their skin and give it a smoother, refreshed, and younger-looking appearance. The deeper the chemical peel that you choose, the more significant and longer-lasting the results are likely to be.  


Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles


Lines and wrinkles are two of the most obvious and most common signs of aging. A chemical peel removes the outer layers of skin, revealing new, smoother, and unlined layers beneath. 


Improvement in acne


Acne doesn’t only affect teenagers and young adults. In fact, plenty of adults experience breakouts throughout the course of their lifetime, causing them to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their skin. Studies have shown that chemical peels that contain salicylic acid can improve the skin of patients suffering from acne, reducing their breakouts, and creating a smoother complexion. 


Reduction in scarring


Scars may tell a story, but not everyone likes to live with scarring on their face. Whether you have scarring from acne, chickenpox or any other previous illness or injury, a moderate or deep chemical peel can help to even out your skin texture and tone, reducing the appearance of your scars and skin imperfections.    


Reversal of sun damage


Sun damage is a key contributor to skin aging. Fortunately, a chemical peel can help repair and reverse the effects of UV rays on your skin, eliminating many of the signs of aging. However, you should still invest in daily SPF protection to prolong your new fresh and more youthful appearance. 


Improved skin texture and tone


A chemical peel destroys old, damaged skin cells and stimulates the creation of new, strong, and healthy skin underneath. This new skin has a better tone and texture, giving you a clearer, smoother complexion that can help you to look more youthful. 


Deal with discoloration and pigmentation 


The color of our skin can change over time and changes in skin pigment can be caused by many things, including hormone fluctuations, sun damage, and more. Chemical peels can destroy the layers of discoloration, revealing new skin that has a more even color and tone. 




For more benefits of chemical peels, or to schedule a consultation to see if you would be a good candidate for this treatment, please speak to our dedicated team in Snohomish, WA today. 

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