Importance of Routine Eye Exams

Vision is very important in life. More than 50 percent of vision loss conditions are preventable. Getting your eyes tested can help prevent some conditions that lead to vision loss. Professionals recommend routine eye tests for people of all ages. If you have a history of eye disease, you should have regular eye exams. People with eye conditions or vision trouble should have eye tests at least once a year.

If you have chronic conditions such as diabetes, you should have eye tests every year. Even if you have no underlying conditions, eye tests are important. Here are insights into why you should take routine eye exams seriously.


Prevention Is Better and Cheaper Than Cure


Routine eye checkups help detect and manage vision problems at a good time. Eye conditions such as myopia and macular degeneration are becoming an epidemic. More people are developing myopia at an early stage in life. Glaucoma is sneaky and most people do not learn about it until it is too late to do anything about it. Young people who have vision problems go undetected until later in life. Some of these conditions are treatable when detected early enough.


Eye Exams Can Help Detect Other Conditions


It is important to have a comprehensive eye exam if you are at risk of hypertension and diabetes. A comprehensive eye exam can help you to detect other conditions that you didn’t know about. Many people discover that they have hypertension or diabetes after an eye exam. Some types of cancer can be detected after an eye exam.

Blurry eyes and headaches around your eyes can be a sign of a brain tumor. A patient with undetectable high cholesterol develops a yellow ring around the cornea. Irregularly shaped pupils or abnormal eyelids can help to detect a neck tumor. Some autoimmune disorders, such as lupus, can cause eye inflammation. Thyroid disease causes bulging eyeballs.


Eye Exams Are Important for Children


Children need good eyesight to function in their active environment. Some children have slow milestones because they have vision problems. Poor vision affects their hand-eye coordination. You might think that your toddler is clumsy, only to find out later that they have trouble focusing.

Good eyesight is important for schooling children. They need to see clearly to learn properly. Routine eye exams for your child help you to understand if they have vision problems, especially if they cannot express themselves.


Eyesight Weakens Due to Age


Routine eye exams help you to know the condition of your eyes. When you are 40 years and above, you should take routine eye exams seriously. As you progress in age, you are likely to get cataracts, glaucoma, presbyopia, and macular degeneration. These conditions can lead to vision loss if they are not caught early. You have a chance to correct any anomalies before they progress to threatening levels.


It Is a Requirement in Some Professions


Some professions require people to have sharp vision. Long-distance drivers, surgeons, sportsmen, and women, and many others require good vision. If you have a job that requires your undivided visual attention, you must keep up with your routine eye exams. Research is underway to help many eye patients save their vision, but it all starts with an eye exam.


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