Importance of UV Protection

It is vital to protect yourself from UV rays. You should invest in UV blocks, SPF sunscreen, shade, or any other UV blocking gear. What is UV, and what you need to know about it? The primary source of harmful UV light is the sun. The sun emits a range of waves, including ultraviolet rays, otherwise known as UV rays. 

UV light appears in three types, UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVB light causes a brown tan on the skin and can cause sunburns if you are exposed to the sun for too long. UVA goes deeper to penetrate the skin and can cause health problems, such as immunosuppression, cancer, and eye problems. UVC is a dangerous type of UV that should not get past the atmosphere. 

Some commercial industries, such as the welding business, use this type of UV. It is essential to use protective gear with UVC. UV light can be used under controlled conditions to make UV bulbs, sunbeds, and other household items. You should always protect yourself from UV rays. Here are reasons why you should protect yourself from UV exposure.


Protect Your Eyes From Macular Degeneration


The macular is a retinal tissue that is situated at the center of the retina. It is where you get your clear vision from. If the macular is exposed to UV, the cells degenerate, and it becomes cloudy. You experience blurred vision or blind spots. In some cases, this condition develops slowly. In older people, the progression is faster, and if not treated early, it can lead to partial or total blindness.


Protect Your Eyes From UV-induced Cataracts


Long-term exposure to UV can result in eye cataracts. Eye cataracts form on the cornea of the eye. This is the clear part of the eye that absorbs light into the eye. Cataracts are dull and cloudy layers that form on the cornea due to the breakdown of the clear cells that form the cornea. 

Over time, cataracts spread out extensively on the cornea to create an opaque layer blocking out light completely. Severe cataracts result in total blindness. 


Protect Your Eyes From UV-induced Keratitis


UV rays cause sunburns all over the body. Photo keratitis can be explained in layman’s terms as a sunburn in the eye. If you are exposed to the sun for too long, you experience redness, itching, dry eyes, and inflammation of the cornea. People who spend long hours outside, on the beach, in the snow, and in occupations such as welding are at a high risk of getting keratitis from UV.


Protect Your Eyes From Pinguecula or Pterygium


Pinguecula is an eye disorder resulting from sun exposure. A yellow and raised layer forms outside of the cornea as a reaction to too much exposure. This happens to people in sunny and dusty areas. Pterygium is a condition that occurs when pinguecula stays untreated and spreads into the cornea. It scars the cornea leading to blindness.


Reduce Your Chances of Contracting Skin Cancer


UV is known to cause premature aging and skin cancer. Melanoma is a form of dangerous skin cancer caused by UV exposure. UV has also been known to fuel basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. UV also causes immunosuppression reducing your chance of fighting off other conditions. 

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